Jane has a first class BA degree in Sociology from The University of Leeds and passed with Distinction her Masters in Politics With Research Methods at The University of Sheffield. Jane is committed to furthering social justice through her left leaning, socialist, vegan and feminist orientated writings and practices.

Jane completed her first book, The Return to Doncatraz Reader, which is the official companion book for Return to Doncatraz. You can purchase this online for £1.00 with all money made from book purchases going back into the not-for-profit organisation SilenceBreaker Media to help with the production of alternative media and accessible technology for all.

Jane has received some welcomed recognition. This involves being quoted by The Independent, The Guardian and The Wall Street Journal. Furthermore, Jane has had articles published by a London based magazine called The Blog Paper and was included in @PhilBC’s top 100 independent tweeting political bloggers for 2012. This blog was also voted as one of the best 300 UK political blogs by Total Politics in 2010. Jane was the first undergraduate contributor to Public Sociology (a Leeds University Sociology and Social Policy blog).

Jane was the producer, researcher, co-writer and found archive footage for Return to Doncatraz, a guerilla documentary by Jay Baker about the elite’s retention of everything wrong about the post-war era, and rejection of all we got right.

Jane is the Research and Development Director for SilenceBreaker Media, which aims to reduce waste by collecting and rebuilding used computers for the benefit of disadvantaged communities – connecting them through communications technology. Her role includes to develop and implement SilenceBreaker Media’s social accounting framework, handle correspondence, develop and coordinate publicity, first stage public relations, coordinate and design the newsletter, compile relevant research, coordinate and manage volunteers, research for and assist with funding applications, & coordinate and research for campaigns.

A lifetime supporter of Sheffield United, Jane has played football since she has been able to walk, playing for several teams – including Sheffield United Community Foundation, Meadowhead School and also had a spell at the Centre of Excellence. Most notably was Jane’s secondary school, Meadowhead, where she was involved in winning several league titles. In particular, in 2006, Meadowhead Girls Football Team won the ‘Treble’ – i.e. the league, South Yorkshire Cup and the ‘ESFA Royal Air-force Under 16 Schools’ Cup’. The latter competition resulted in them becoming the best girls’ school football team (14-16 years) in the country, seeing them play the final at West Bromwich Albion F.C. stadium, ‘The Hawthorns’, and Jane as captain.

Jane is the Co-Founder, Coordinator and Captain of AFC Unity, helping with the running of a Sheffield based 11-a-side women’s football team that also through community based projects uses football to break down barriers for traditionally marginalised groups playing and being interested in football. Jane is also a qualified FA Level 1 coach.

Jane is also The Break-In Project’s co-host, which is about pragmatism, working both outside the system and inside it as well, so that the arguments for justice break in to the core of influence and responsibility, whether in ivory tower or corridors of power. The Project is about what is best for the many, not just the few.

If you wish to contact Jane, you can do so by emailing janewatkinson@gmail.com

For more, see Twitter & Linkedin!

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