A list of essays that can be downloaded and read:

  • My Masters in Politics with Research Methods Dissertation – My dissertation drew on my own experiences working for a social enterprise to research into the social enterprise sector in Sheffield, UK and Pittsburgh, US to compare and contrast the sector in the context of changes in political, social and economic relations alongside related ideas/ideology since the 1970/80s.
  • My BA in Sociology Dissertation – The research utilises Norbert Elias’s (2000) work on figurations to illustrate his potential for understanding the power of ‘ideals’ and corresponding increasing levels of shame in relation to and as a part of the current expression of interdependent relations (primarily neoliberal economic, political and social relations). Venezuela has been utilised as a case study. Alongside a comprehensive literature review, the research utilised a survey, a focus group and follow-up interviews.
  • My MA Structure and Agency Essay – Critical analysis of the structure and agency ‘debate’, ending with advocating a dialectical account of structure and agency, utilising the UK riots as a case study – demonstrating the potential effects the ‘debate’ can have upon political policy.
  • My MA Globalisation Essay – The essay focuses on the 2008 international financial crisis, questioning the idea of globalisation as a ‘natural’ unstoppable process and assessing the causal relationship this view had with the financial crisis alongside the related effects this has on the governance of phenomenon associated with the international financial system.
  • My MA Hegemony Theory Essay – The essay draws parallels between aspects of Hegemonic Stability Theory (HST) and neo-Gramscian analysis of hegemony – whilst illustrating the more complex dialectical approach of the latter – with particular reference to United States (US) hegemony.
  • My MA US Hegemonic Power Essay – The essay critically argues that the United States (US) is still a global hegemonic power, but it is minimal hegemony based on non-ethical deception relating to the increasing legitimacy crisis of neoliberal policies, especially since the ongoing financial crisis and the rise of developing countries – and related global imbalances – such as China.
  • My BA Karl Marx Essay – There is an extensive discussion of Marx’s (and Engels’) famous conception of historical materialism, that of progressive epochs forming due to the dialectical relationship between the forces and relations of production.
  • My BA Disability and Gender Essay –  The essay argues from what McCall (2005) calls an intersectional intracategorical complexity approach, to illustrate the impact gender has on disability experience and how categories need to be reconstructed to include more difference to illustrate how all women, men and disabled people have basic common interests.
  • My BA Motherhood and Fatherhood Essay -The essay considers how conceptions of sex and gender have changed since the one sex model, through to the contemporary period, and how this has informed understandings and practices of motherhood and fatherhood.
  • My BA Sex Work Essay – The essay illustrates the potential for a convergence of anarchist and sex worker theorising/organisation. Whilst anarchist theory should not be the only theoretical grounding sex workers utilise to further their rights, it can help the sex workers’ develop their organising in a broader civic context. France is utilised as a case study providing a historical and legal context.
  • My BA Environmental Political Concepts Essay –  The essay looks at whether human political concepts such as justice can be extended to the non-human world.
  • My BA Environmental Ecosocialist Essay – The essay looks at how ecosocialists view the role of the State in relation to market forces and ecological sustainability.
  • My BA Environmental Ecoanarchism Essay – The essay argues that ecoanarchism and its divisions, social ecology and eco-communalism, provide convincing evidence that hierarchical societies have helped (supporting a casual relationship needs much more evidence) produce the necessary psychological conditions for human domination over the non-human world.
  • My BA Poverty Research Analysis Essay – The essay uses the General Household Survey (2005) dataset conducted by the Office of National Statistics to concentrate on two groups who are more likely to experience poverty – female heads of households (FHH) (relating to households of lone mothers (LMH)) and disabled/ill heads of households (DHH).
  • My BA ‘Sex Wars’ Feminist Essay – The essay illustrates the complexity of the ‘sex wars’ (1980s/1990s), as despite charged rhetoric, most feminists shared a similar critical conception of hierarchical heteronormative sexual relations. Nevertheless, many feminists, in criticising heterosexual hegemony, have constructed new sexual value systems – therefore, the essay advocates the utilisation of communal-anarchism/anarcha-feminism, to illustrate connections between feminist perspectives and the need to criticise all hierarchical relations.

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