Living with Me and My OCD Documentary by @ClaireWatkinso2

Living With Me And My OCD from Claire Watkinson on Vimeo.

Above is my sister’s, Claire Watkinson, trailer for her up-coming documentary that will be raising awareness and tackling the ignorance and stigma often associated with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Like my sister, I am also a sufferer from OCD. It can be a very debilitating illness, in fact it is in the “top 10 most debilitating illnesses by the World Health Organisation in terms of lost income and decreased quality of life”. Essentially, OCD involves constant obsessive thoughts that cause distress often alongside compulsions to alleviate the stress that such obsessions cause. These issues will be explored throughout the documentary, as demonstrated through the trailer!

I have gone along for company and support to a few of the many filming events Claire has set up, organised and recorded for the documentary alongside being filmed for the documentary myself. I am really proud and impressed by how much work and effort Claire has put into the documentary, and the potential such a documentary has for raising awareness. I have been amazed by how many people have come out – so to speak – with symptoms of OCD ever since Claire started filming, too.

This has also come at a time when MPs have began to open up about mental illness, with Charles Walker even discussing his own battle with OCD. What I found particularly effective with Charles Walker’s public admission was that he also discussed candidly the darker side of OCD, as well. Don’t get me wrong, all OCD thoughts are dark. But I mean the darker thoughts that revolve around thinking that if you don’t perform a compulsion you may kill or hurt people you care about, for instance. The many forms OCD can take is something Claire is also covering.

I really encourage everyone to watch and share the trailer alongside the documentary when it is released! We need to keep moving forward in tackling mental health stigmas and discrimination, and this is something Claire’s documentary will do. The personal diaries, filmed by Claire throughout shooting the documentary regarding her own experiences of OCD, are especially very brave and encouraging for other OCD sufferers to speak out. Just a really great idea by someone who has a heap of potential.

Well done, Claire!

Follow Claire’s progress at @ClaireWatkinso2 and


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