The Great British Walking Challenge: Zero Carbon Transport

I have been asked to pass on information about The Great British Walking Challenge, an event that will be held throughout May by a national charity, Living Streets, attempting to get more people across the UK reducing their carbon footprint through zero carbon transport.

It was only today I was thinking about the cost of travel, having to part with a fiver to get a return to Meadowhead, Sheffield from town and how socially unjust life is increasingly becoming in every walk (excuse the pun) of life, as the ‘ethos’ of privatisation keeps on undermining the accessibility, affordability and right to public transport amongst other things with the NHS, the post office and education joining the list. The cost of personal transport such as cars isn’t much better, with the cost of petrol rising for profit and the government only inflaming (again, excuse the pun) the situation.

Of course, whilst I support healthier, zero carbon means of transport such as walking I am not against transport per se. For me, public transport should be just that, public. Nationalised. Yes, nationalised. Not dictated to by private interest. But not nationalised in terms of central state planning. It should become more communal, collective, mutual, cooperative. Locally specific and locally controlled. People should become less reliant on the need for atomised transport such as cars. But for now, we walk (again, excuse the cheap pun) towards that better reality whilst doing what we can to help out the best we can.

More information below!

Cutting Carbon Emissions

National Walking Month presents a great opportunity to get people across Britain reducing their personal carbon footprint. Walking offers a zero carbon transport option and multiple wellbeing benefits. Our research shows that if we can get people to switch 5 journeys under 2 km from car to walking, they would reduce their carbon footprint by 86 kg a year.

By supporting the Great British Walking Challenge you will be helping to raise the profile of walking with politicians and the general public. This will help us in our wider campaigning which includes: Introducing 20 mph on streets where we live and work and helping people campaign for car free pavements in their area. All these measures will help create a Britain which is a safer for walking, which will in turn encourage people to walk more frequently and help us to meet carbon emission reduction targets.

About the campaign

The Great British Walking Challenge takes place this May as part of Living Streets’ National Walking Month. We’re urging people across the country to take to their feet as we unite on a mission to see how many times we can collectively walk between Land’s End and John O’Groats. We think it’ll be a great way to get children and families excited about walking.

How you can support the Great British Walking Challenge

Sign up to the Great British Walking Challenge – And join people across the country in logging walks and cutting your personal carbon emissions. Please sign up to the challenge today and why not invite friends, making it a fun way to see who can log the most miles. Sign up by visiting

Walk to Work Week– taking place 14-18 May, we want to see thousands of employees across the UK walk to, from and during work. You can sign up your workplace for free and then from the 14 May you and your colleagues can log miles and count the carbon dioxide savings.

Blog, Tweet, Post, Pin– This year we want to make social media an integral part of the challenge. And we’d love you to share your walking images and sounds via our website and your social media channels, remembering to use the hashtag #gbwalk. Any help you can give with spreading the word would be amazing.

Just Coz – we know walking is fantastic for both body and the environment and we want more people to experience its benefits. To do that we need to get the word out there. Just Coz enables you to donate your Twitter status so that we can occasionally spread updates about the Great British Walking Challenge. You can withdraw your Twitter post donations at anytime.

You can find campaign in the resources section on and the press release at


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