The Vince Cable Saga: Bob Ainsworth 2…

Vince Cable tells the truth, not in public, gets his responsibilities removed. Cable has to lie and say he didn’t mean what he said, when we all know he did, to act ‘responsible’. Again, this is another example of the weaknesses regarding our political system; the need to lie in order to maintain a consensus and the façade that the existing political representation is working.

People aren’t silly, most of us recognise that Cable fully meant what he said. Most of us recognise that this government are scared about Rupert Murdock, that Cameron relied on his backing for the election and feels he needs to pay him back; whilst Clegg as a fig leaf in the background with his right-wing perspective developing by the day, feels the pressure to slap Cable around the face. Oh, and for Ed Miliband, he never fails to disappoint. His ‘leadership’ is reverting more people away from traditional politics, as the mainstream opposition to the government is nothing but a lie. He again, illustrates the vulnerability of the political system to vested interests such as Murdock’s.

The system we have is based on lying to the public, it’s about shutting minority views, or views that have a lot of support (as the opposition to BSkyB does) but are threatening to powerful interests, out. Public debates are seen as a threat to the system, as they would help illustrate the sheer incompetence of the political structures that ‘govern’ us.

They preach about accountability but then use stupid protocols such as the whips to make sure that everyone votes the way they are supposed to, often against what they believe, in the name of government or ‘national interest’. ‘National interest’ (whatever that means) isn’t about lying to yourself, preventing what you really want and believe. Why people go into politics to have their creativity, beliefs and politics stamped over in order to ensure the happiness of the ‘power’ and money is beyond me.

We can almost certainly count on Hunt passing Murdock’s bid, the consultation is more a formality requirement (of the system). But why do we want to continue living in a political system where the consensus style politics really gets us either the lowest common dominator, or the desires of the powers that be?

However, power is a more encompassing word than often assumed. Civic action has alternative power to undermine these vested interests. Instead of relying on the government to somehow magically stop caving in to these interests, we need to counteract these harmful social, political and economic relations/structures to construct a new form of governance.

In a new system, media shouldn’t be the dictator it is today. Of course, it is important as a news informant. But the desire for ‘blood’ when someone thinks something ‘different’ to what they are briefed is a serious fault within our political system. We saw it when Bob Ainsworth brought up the drug debate, and now we are seeing it again through this Vince Cable saga. We have to stop doing politics in line with what a few people want, and start enacting policies that reflect the real public consensus instead of a back room of politicians and corporates or whatever. This is where direct action is important, as well as the eventual desire for public assemblies and local democracy, linked through confederations – something I have talked about before.

Only through a change in the way we do politics will we see the Vince Cables’ and the Bob Ainsworth’s being taken seriously. At the moment we are dictated to be a few powerful interests in line with the corrupt consensus style political system we call a ‘democracy’.


7 thoughts on “The Vince Cable Saga: Bob Ainsworth 2…

  1. Getting a (slightly) fairer system such as AV might help. But you are right, using tools such as the internet are great way to level the playing field. Which is why the government are so keen to shut it down.

  2. Thanks a lot for the comment. However, I respectfully disagree about AV, I think that is will make no difference whatsoever. To be honest, I am starting to turn against PR as being that radical, until this actual system of doing things is changed regardless of the electoral system, we will always have corrupt political decisions etc.

    But agreed re internet.

  3. Cable was right to want to be “at war” with Murdoch, but any military tactician (I am NOT one, honestly!) would cite stealth and surprise as the key to success. Even if, as I do, you detest Murdoch, under our current rules, merger bids are meant to be impartially considered – otherwise the chances are that any legal challenge by Murdoch would have succeeded. You are right that Hunt won’t be impartial, of course, but in the wrong direction. Had Cable kept his trap shut instead of boasting about his remarkable powers in an equally remarkable example of terrible judgement on his part, he could have made his war on Murdoch successfully rather than going down in flames.

    On the other hand, we could elect a government with a mandate to abolish big business, including Cable’s old employer Shell, and then we wouldn’t need to be surreptitious about taking on the big corporations.

  4. Adrian,

    Thanks for the comment.

    I agree with your analysis, but I think he has every right to be at war with him, seeing as most of the govt. would rather go to bed with Murdock. It’s just a shame Cable opened him mouth to some journalists.

    And yes, it’s about the way we actually do politics. I think that Cameron would have found some way to have stopped Cable stopping Murdoch eventually. Sad state of our political system.

  5. Hopefully, the internet will make that change for us. Now that information such as what politicians say and do is becoming so readily available, politicians may become more fearful of the people than the whips and will vote in accordance with the beliefs of their constituents.

    Meanwhile the growth of blogs like yours can reduce the power of the traditional media.

  6. Alexander,

    thanks for the comment.

    I totally agree, new forms of media such as this we have to fight to protect and utilise so as to stop the Murdock’s controlling the airways.

    Looking forward to your blog, as saw that you were going to start one up in the new year.

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