If protests are outlawed, let’s start calling the government Cardassians…

So the state contemplated possible ‘solutions’ to student protests ranging from murder to ripping people’s eyes out – but fearing it might be taking things a bit too far, they are threatening to outlaw student protests. You would be forgiven if you mistook the government for Cardassian rulers (apologies for the constant reference to Star Trek, it would be fair to say that I am currently obsessed). Cardassian judicial systems, as I have mentioned previously, presume guilt before a trial and so the trial becomes a mechanism to reinforce the central common/order.

If they seriously go ahead with outlawing protesters from expressing their views against the government’s vandalism then we will be living in nothing short of a dictatorial system. We shouldn’t forget the police’s actions either. Charging on horses at children, hitting a protester so hard they require a brain operation and dragging a disabled activist across the floor is hardly respectable. But like the Cardissians, the government and state is unable to recognise its faults, its misconceptions of justice and its repressive nature. Those who criticise the whim of the central command/state are apprehended as ‘villains’ or ‘thugs’  by the horrendous, non-factual poor reporting and political critique (even from Porter, who is supposed to represent the students – no wonder a no confidence motion is being drafted).

For example, scroll to story two on this article and read an atrocious article that blames the disabled activist for the police’s actions (which you can complain about here). This type of attitude is engrained within the government who are destroying disabled people’s lives without a care. If you slash DLA, Incapacity Benefit, Independent Living Allowance, why are you surprised it causes anger? Do you expect people to just lie down and accept it?

Whilst those at the top talk about banning protests, forgetting their elitist days in the Bullington club where they smashed restaurants up for fun, I doubt an outlaw would stop protesters anyway. We’d be treated as terrorists, but the police and state shouldn’t scare people from standing up for what they believe.

One thing this shows, however, is the sheer effect these protests are having. The establishment bias can distort the violence, it can fail to understand people’s actions and despair – but that is expected within a Cardassian style system that presumes guilt before attempting to understand or critically analyse the events. If this ban goes through, the LibDems can shut up about their supposed ‘civil liberty’ record, and we can all start calling the government Cardassians. But maybe conceding some of the Cardassians are more amiable.

Below is a clip illustrating the mechanisms involved in Cardassian ‘justice’.


4 thoughts on “If protests are outlawed, let’s start calling the government Cardassians…

  1. Thanks for that, much appreciated.

    Just had a read of your blog, an interesting account of what happened. I heard on the day that the police were telling people to move and then blocking them when they did. As you say, not proportionate response from the police.

    Whilst I don’t advocate violence, I think it is important to understand why some people are hitting out in these contexts – and that they are different to those who go the protests with intentions to cause violence.

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