China, UK and Karl Marx…

Unsurprisingly, Osborne, Cameron and Cable will not be publicly mentioning human rights (and indeed, environmental problems) when they meet China for investment talks. This is a clear indicator of how much influence money has in our profit driven, GDP obsessed, capitalist system.

It is indicative of the relevance of Marx’s discussion regarding the falling rate of profit. Here, companies buy in new technology and deskill their labour force, resulting in a loss of jobs. However, the technology costs money, and so to offset and maintain a profit they utilise other means. These include reducing people’s wages, creating ‘needs’ and increasing the price of goods. This actually reduces demand and consequently profit. The same happens when the companies destroy the environment through exploiting it as an endless ‘resource’ in the name of profit.

The UK’s neglect of China’s human rights record and the reason for why Osborne is praising the olympics in China whilst ignoring the crimes that occurred in order to make it happen – such as destroying people’s homes and communities – relates to Marx’s falling rate of profit. The UK economy is weak and they are desperate for as much investment as possible, even if that means ignoring human right crimes in the process (as they do for many other growth orientated operations, such as arms deals).

The UK ‘need’ this investment to maintain its pathological operations. It illustrates that when it comes to profit and growth to ‘sustain’ the capitalist system, there is no concern for things such as human rights – as long as they get some money to fuel their inhuman system, and attempt to prevent the inevitable crashes, they will feel as though it was a success.


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