No Nick Clegg; hmm. Still not worth paralysing union democracy…

On the day the government announces its privatisation of the Post Office, whilst attempting to argue that a whole 10% of public shares is a victory for cooperative organisational structures, we also have interesting findings to consider from John McDonnell’s research which showed that if the CBI trade union reforms (40% of those balloted have to vote – whereas Boris Johnson wants 50%) were applied to MPs, we’d have only 38MPs. And before you get excited, this is a bad idea – even if it had prevented Nick Clegg and George Osborne from becoming elected.

It is bad, because as the no to AV campaign are trying to do, the anti-trade union/anti-ordinary working people, want to unfairly rig the vote in their favour. When looking back at disputes regarding the BA, it is pretty clear the existing law is bad enough as it is framed in a way that can be easily manipulated by the courts to strike the strike down (mind the pun!).

Specifically regarding the cooperative/mutual aspect of the Post Office Bill, I refuse to really call 10% a victory for community/public/local power. As those who have read my blog before will probably know, I support Chomsky’s views on the dynamics of organisational structures – where there is real control by the workers and community over decisions. Instead, Vince Cable is using the mutual discourse to try to legitimate the plans for a free market commercial experiment.

Cameron can claim that he is a staunch supporter of the poor, but his actions say otherwise. In PMQs today, in nearly the same breath, he denounces Ed Miliband as a union baron winner whilst claiming to be Robin Hood 2. Unionsation is important for creating the community spirit that the Tories, and now the LibDems, are so intent on promoting through the vacuous ‘big society’. But, as it provides working people a real power base, a real mobilisation force against the economic plans that are constantly slammed by reputable and even unexpected critiques/reports, they are seen as a threat to the Tories’ connected network of vested interests.

There is a growing movement against the cuts, and it will only get stronger. The CBI and other people’s/groups’ suggestions of tightening union legalisation, is a sign of the niche vested interests becoming extremely worried. Worried that people are no longer believing or never have believed in the ‘inevitability’ of cuts, and worried that people are seeing through the lies.


2 thoughts on “No Nick Clegg; hmm. Still not worth paralysing union democracy…

  1. Good post on a dreadful happening: Cable is just lying on a massive scale – 10% is as good as nothing against 90%. Besides, the Post has been a public service since it was set up. Wonder how Cameron would deal with the idea of Queen Victoria spinning in her grave if she knew about this?

  2. Thanks for the comment.

    I totally agree. It is an insult to assert that this is some kind of victory for public/community power – it is just another one of this government’s free market privatisation onslaughts!

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