So Mr. Cameron, do you care to define vested interest?

I am AV(ed) out – I don’t know when I will really comment on AV in detail again; I am sure I will return to it at some stage, however.

But now to get onto discussing other political matters. Specifically, to address David Cameron’s recent comments; where he wants to make it perfectly clear that he and the government will not bow to ‘vested interests’.

Of course, you then have to ask – what vested interests is he talking about? And then you will find that he isn’t talking about those at the top, whose vested interests lie in a small state, little to none taxes and maintaining the nice tax avoidance getaways. No, he is talking about the vested interests at the bottom. Those who are expected to disproportionately experience the cuts (many estimates of how much – for example TUC say 10x worse), who will most likely be one of the hundreds and thousands of job cuts or have their existing benefits cut or see benefits they are forced onto cut with little chance of a job as the government fails to provide a competent job/growth strategy.

But apparently pointing out the obvious for Cameron is inflating the argument –  as a Downing Street spokesperson proclaims:

We will be challenging lobby groups that are making inflammatory arguments. We will take their claims on. We will highlight when it is irresponsible to make statements like that.

The fact is, people are worried about the cuts and they have every right to be so. I am fed up of seeing Conservatives and LibDems slandering the unions as though they are striking for no reason. Of course, unions shouldn’t strike for the sake of it – but as the Greens made clear at our conference, we will support union action whenever necessary. This is something however, those tainted by New Labour within the Labour party such as David Milliband, are unable to promise.

Cameron can talk all he wants about tackling vested interests, but the fact is, this government is destroying people’s livelihoods. Some politicians are so divorced from reality, they think they are hard done by somehow, when there are ordinary people who voted for them struggling to make ends meet. David Cameron’s arrogance prevents him from recognising that some people will obviously have a vested interest, it is their life after all!

This bizarre attitude of cutting without responsiblity – as they blame Labour – is infuriating. They have no care in what they are doing, why would they when they just attack the most vulnerable and leave their friends in the City high and dry? Why would they, when most of them don’t know how it feels like to be chucked out of their home, to be forced onto benefits and then find it hard to scrape by and buy food – never mind take part in other activities that are essential for enjoying life? Most of them don’t know how it feels like to watch someone you care about go through that process.

Capitalism and neoliberalism however, functions through making people unhappy. It needs to stigmatise certain interests, as these interests are in counter weight to the neo liberal ‘ideal’ (regardless of the fact that they are also necessary for this ‘ideal’ to occur). It is precisely one of the main factors for why people are turned off by politics. This inability to really conceive why people would be angry, upset and confused of what to do, where to go and who to turn to.

But there is no wonder people can feel like this when their very own government relishes and enjoys cutting the support for which they rely on. For example, the educational programme of Gove’s will see schools that become independent of local authorities taking money from the other schools around it – they may also face funding from controversial figures such as Murdoch whilst having to deal with a host of costs they never thought they needed to when under local control.

But if we were to fight against this, these are the sort of ‘vested interests’ Cameron wants to destroy, to highlight as incorrect and oblivious to ‘reality’. Well, you have another thing coming Mr. Cameron. The very vested interests that you seek to destroy will not lie down at your beck and call, we will fight the very vested interests you wish to uphold. And we will show you that there is another alternative, that endless and mindless cutting isn’t the only way to go about it – that real investment and higher taxes on those who can afford it is the way to go. We will not be bullied by governments into doing and believing what they want us to believe.


4 thoughts on “So Mr. Cameron, do you care to define vested interest?

  1. Good article.

    Tory policy is an outright attack on the people that elected him.

    Who knew that when Cameron promised to cut spending by “eliminating waste” he happened to consider disability benefit, social housing, the arts, science research, speed cameras, police officers, and a satisfactory public school system to be a waste of money?

  2. Thanks for the comment, glad you liked it.

    And I totally agree. It is a disgrace, and it’s arrogant to assume people will just lie down and accept it!

  3. Spot on Jane,

    As ever, those who ‘have’ will continue to have. And those who are struggling will be wrung out even further. We chose to say it like this:

    Keep up the good comment


  4. Thanks for that, glad you agree.

    I totally agree.

    And I LOVE THAT VIDEO! I am going to post this on facebook haha! Great stuff.

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