Vaizey thinks people should stop being so damn hysterical, after all it’s only your aspirations being cut…

In a patronising and nonsensical way, Ed Vaizey told the film makers and those who are appalled with the wrongful abolition of the UK Film Council to stop being so damn hysterical. For some reason, this government actually likes destroying people’s hopes, aspirations and jobs. The UK Film Council was a way to help fund films and projects that may never of happened. However, the abolition fits nicely with the Conservative’s ‘traditional’ approach to education, where anything that is slightly practical is deemed ‘unfit for purpose’ and illogical to fund. Michael Gove’s hopes for the future of education is a testament to this.

Yes, the UK Film Council is not the only reason for why the film industry is as big as it is, but its abolition is a symptom of this government’s inability to construct a real growth strategy. They just cut like its going out of fashion, ignore any piece of intellectual advice (which is most of it) that shows soundly, how illogical their polices are. Vaizey seems surprised with how strong the opposition to the government’s abolition of the Film Council is. It just shows how disconnected from the mainstream they are.

So how about considering the role of the Big Society here. How does abolition of vital services that encourage innovation, talent and aspiration fit into a Big Society narrative? Well it actually does. As the Big Society in its practiced form isn’t about empowerment, it’s about dis-empowerment. It stands over and watches vital services being plugged out of people’s lives and then has the cheek to call for people to do something about it. It ignores the fact that people don’t really get that inspired to do things when they witness the consequences of illogical economic policies.

Do they think its going to be all that inspiring for young budding film makers to see the UK Film Council being abolished? It is also another good example for why the left needs to create a comprehensive counter narrative to the right’s current attempt of localism – the Big Society.

There is again no real thought for the detrimental effect this type of illogically has on people’s lives. And when people speak out against it, all the government can do is classify it as childish outrage with little regard for ‘reality’. They pass it off as ‘Labour’s Legacy’, as they try to wipe their hands of the real choices they are making – the choice to put their own self ideological interest, over the opportunities and hopes of real people.


3 thoughts on “Vaizey thinks people should stop being so damn hysterical, after all it’s only your aspirations being cut…

  1. After being away from politics for much of this year, I was pleased to see that you are still writing. Well done on taking a stand – I’ve felt much the same way about Labour for the past year or so. We really do have some very dark days ahead of us..

  2. Hey,

    thanks for that! Glad that you are back writing too:)

    And thanks, leaving LibDems is like one of best things I have done lol! As you say, there really are some dire days ahead – but its time for us progressives to work together against it:)

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