Cameron: Terrified of finding a state school for children – well do something about it then!

One of the many Cameron stunts, which he used to obtain office to look as though he is one of the ‘common people’ (really watch this!), was sending (or going to send) his children to state schools. However, today, he talks about the fear he has in regards to finding a ‘decent’ state school in the centre of London. Whilst in the same week, Gove is busy ‘announcing’ one thing after another, basically amounting to a big attack upon our state schools.

Lets be frank, Cameron has the power to start changes in the state sector education so that he can reduce the worry many parents have when choosing their child’s schooling. Private education only promotes unnecessary divide and elitism, which Cameron is ‘trying’ to break free from. The only way to really improve education would for it to become wholly state provided, and then there would be greater collaboration between parents of all socio-economic groupings. Furthermore, the stigma around going to state school would be reduced (but there would most likely be regional stigmas), especially comprehensive (ideally, I think grammar schools should be gone away with too – again the segregation and elitism does nothing to improve education for everyone).

Obviously expecting Cameron and the Tories to do away with private schooling is a waste of time – but they could at least reform the divide such as through cancelling the charity status that private schools have. Many private schools are suffering to rake in the income, it is hardly fair that the state and the tax payer should subsidise their education, when it isn’t accessible for everyone. If they want to be private, I think they should do it on themselves. Think about if the charity status was removed, that money (around £100m) could have allowed for the school building plans to go ahead – a perfect example of how the Tories’ ideological nature will never instil fairness into any part of society/economy.

But instead of trying to reform education for the better, Cameron has everything to worry about when thinking about possible schools. Especially if the school he wants to send them to turns into an academy. There is the countless amount of information that shows that academies are poor educational providers, and also it is another way for private schools to turn to state funding to help save their elitist educational structure.

Cameron can complain all he wants about state sector education, but his government is doing everything it can to destroy it and promote inequality and the private sector. Oh how Cameron may be regretting his PR move now.


3 thoughts on “Cameron: Terrified of finding a state school for children – well do something about it then!

  1. One of the reasons which governments like to meddle with education is because it’s one of the few areas in which the EU does not interfere, that means politicians can play with it all they like. That said, the private sector does things better generally than the public sector which really only ought to be there to do what the private sector cannot or will not do. To improve standards in the public schools will need a real revolution. You can first move all teachers off the public payroll and make them self employed. Introduce a voucher system like the Swedish model and let said teachers set up their own schools as and where they like, even in a room in the village pub if that’s what they want. Next, just set some education standards via examination boards and let the teachers do what it takes to get our kids to match them, no interference from the state at all. Good teachers will get more money as parents will seek them out, bad teachers will fall by the wayside.
    Simples……………………but very hard to do.

  2. QM,

    Thanks for the comment, but I have to disagree with your proposed solution. I think the free market principles within the private sector are a big problem that the educational sector has – it creates unfair and post code lottery provision, where those in the more deprived schooling have the poorest access to schooling, which is unfair and unjust.

    You can’t play around with children’s future, it needs state intervention to ensure that there is proper facilities and that it is proper funded – but at the moment, the two tire system is only leading to inequality.

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