Ex-Labour ministers ‘try’ to improve their reputation…

Several ex-Labour ministers/MPs etc are unsuccessfully trying to distance themselves from Labour’s legacy. Most notably, is Ed Balls and Lord Myners. These are obviously very personally motivated moves, especially Balls’s comments around immigration.

Ed Balls’s has positioned himself to the right of the right – this is a disastrous move and he would ideological demoralise a Labour party if he was to come the leader. He is just fueling an already factually misconceived dominant view around immigration that’s chief aim is to scare the public. If Germany and France are a little bit weary of Cameron’s euro-skepticism, they better hope that Ed Balls doesn’t become leader, as he desires to reconstruct one of the pillars that EU is based upon – which called for “the free movement of people, capital, goods and services”.

Many have commented on how this is an attempt to gain the support of the Unions to help Balls become the party leader. It is clearly a personal ego motivated move to distance himself from Brown who he appeared to be very loyal towards.

Another ex-minister attempting to rebuild their own ego is Lord Myners. He is basically criticising Labour’s economic record, even though he was the minister for the City. Considering his comments on his hopes for wide scale public spending cuts and a large-scale reduction in ‘public waste’ – it is a very good job he didn’t have his way in previous governmental policy. The Tories should give him a job for providing them with a nice rhetorical soundbite from an ex-Labour minister, and basically supporting what they want to do – ingrain and further the inequality in society.

In his attempts to distance himself from the previous Labour government, he bizarrely claimed that the government does not create jobs:

“The government can’t create jobs. The government can create the environment which is conducive to the creation of jobs, but it cannot create jobs and we mislead ourselves if we believe it can.”

Like Balls, he seems to be even more right than the right of the Tories. His argument is a no starter. By creating the enviroment the government is creating jobs – it is such a pathetic attempt to distance himself from Labour it is almost laughable.

Apparently, he thinks there is nothing progressive about what labour did economically – so obviously he thinks its regressive to maintain the global economic structure such as the banks so as to make sure that we didn’t have an economic meltdown?

Whilst I don’t agree with everything that Labour did in government, I certainly agree that they were right to invest the way they did in order to protect people from the full effects of the recession. The government’s current actions however, clearly risk a double dip recession that will be very regressive.


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