The anti-statist approach is preventing needed economic/social reform…

According to the ConDems, the state is the problem. The state is being scapegoated for the  inadequate private sector and current regulation, which helped cause the economic recession and, at the current rate, risks creating a double dip recession.

The government intends to rebalance the economy and society so that it is even more indebted to the private sector and interests. In the process, the state and vital public services are being compromised with vicious needless public spending cuts. It is rather ironic that this is being done in the name of a ‘radical’ restructuring of the economy and society. All this ‘reform’ will do is make a future recession and existing inequality even more definite.

The anti-statist approach is even more disappointing when considering the missed opportunities for real radical restructuring of the economy and society. I hear misguided claims of the economy being too fragile for environmental policies to pay a casting role in economic recovery. This current situation is exactly what provides us with an opportunity to make the choices that will help prevent the same thing happening again, and it is being lost.

Caroline Lucas rightly talks about the need for a “green new deal” to stop the so-called “turbo-charged capitalism”. The mentality of current capitalist system needs to change if we want to really tackle inequality – but it is apparent that this mentality is blocking any chance of radical reform – take the opposition to capital gains tax, the now regressive nature of the rise in income threshold. Broken promises and a reinforcement of a damaging status quo.

Take the Tories’ schooling proposals , involving a promotion of academies – it is all about furthering the private sector. Remember all that talk of things being in the national interest, well it is not in the national interest to provide a postcode lottery of private interest driven education, instead, there should be systematic concentration and improvement of the state education.

The state needs to be cut back where civil rights are compromised. However, governmental proposals such as the marriage tax show how backwards they are over the role of the state. Marriage tax will actually increase the state’s undermining of civil rights as the state advocates an ‘ideal’ family/relationship type.

What many people mistakenly assume is that all pro-statists want an abolition of the private sector. Instead, most advocates do not deny the role of the private sector in certain aspects of the economy.

A fairer economy/society would involve higher taxes on the most able to pay instead of damaging cuts to public services, a living wage, higher benefits and policies such as a maximum wage and a Tobin tax to help pay for it. Sorry to be partisan, but only The Greens would implement this.


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